A range of rack mounted and portable FIDs for accurate, reliable measurement of Total, Methane & Non Methane Hydrocarbons

Signal FIDs comply with the following certification:

  • QAL1 (applied for)
  • BS EN 12619:2013
  • USA EPA 40 CFR Part 60 Method 25 and Part 503 Applications

Solar FID

The Series IV SOLAR Flame Ionization Detector product line benefits from 40 years of experience in gas analyzer development, and delivers a wide range of leading edge advantages.

Accuracy and repeatability

Signal FIDs are unique because of their precision-machined monobloc and ceramic isolated flame jet tip with cylindrical collector and venturi effect air/fuel/sample design. This delivers high levels of accuracy and reproducibility. In addition, sample and gas flow rates are adjusted automatically to optimize analyzer performance.