Signal's Oxygen analyzers offer superior performance for percent oxygen analysis in a wide variety of applications.


The new Series IV AURORA Paramagnetic Oxygen Analysers provide accurate percent measurements in combustion testing, inert atmospheres, medical and safety for humans, internal combustion engine exhausts and many more applications.

With a remote software suite for control over the Internet, and an optional touch-screen colour display, the Series 4 AURORA is simple to operate. To ensure flexibility, users are able to specify their required configuration and programmable contact closures are available for gas path control.
In common with all Series IV analysers, the AURORA range delivers outstanding performance -  0.1% resolution and  0.1% linearity.

The Signal Paramagnetic Oxygen analyser will remain in operation for many years giving accurate and dependable readings. Users can almost fit it and forget it, because it is likely to be the most reliable of gas analyzers. The Signal series IV platform augments this reliability with embedded firmware and remote operational software running over Ethernet. Each analyser has its own individual I.P. address, which provides the operator with functionality such as:

  • Remote data logging
  • Analyser set-up
  • Gas path configuration
  • Fault log examination
  • Remote viewing of important tests  or processes

For additional specifications, please see the Signal Group AURORA Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyzer page (click here).

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AURORA gas analyzer
AURORA (click image to enlarge)