A range of rack mounted and portable FIDs for accurate, reliable measurement of Total, Methane & Non Methane Hydrocarbons

Signal FIDs comply with the following certification:

  • QAL1 (applied for)
  • BS EN 12619:2013
  • USA EPA 40 CFR Part 60 Method 25 and Part 503 Applications

3010 MINIFID Analyzer

The 3010 MINIFID PURE is perfect for stack testing. It has been designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. With no microprocessor this analyser has been stripped down to the essentials to make it robust and reliable, ready for the rigors of going out on site.

The 3010 MINIFID is a small, self contained, and fully portable analyser. It is equally convenient for use on the laboratory bench or as a portable on-site measurement tool. This three-gas FID features the same detection system as the Series IV Solar range of FIDs. It is supplied with a 5m heated sample line and built-in controller as standard. Manual operation without microprocessor control. Bottle rack may be detached for use with standard, full sized gas cylinders.

For additional specifications, please see the 3010 MINIFID PURE Signal Group Product details.

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