Signal's sample handling modules and components condition gas samples in preparation for analysis.

Signal offer an extensive range of Heated Sampling modules from sample pumps and filtration to multi-point sample selection and heated sample lines. If your requirements are not in our standard product range, contact us about our customized solutions.

200SM Sample Gas Cooler/Dryer

The 200SM Sample Gas Cooler/Dryer Series of 19" rack mounting cooler dryers remove water vapor from Stack and Exhaust  Emission gases, before analysis by ambient analyses.

Errors due to water interference are removed and condensation is prevented from occurring inside the analyzers.

The unit is based on a solid state Peltier cooler element  with a continuous peristaltic pump which removes the unwanted water.

For additional specifications, please see the 200SM Sample Gas Cooler/Dryer Signal Group Product details

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