Signal Group Products USA

Signal Group Products USA

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CTN is the US distributer for Signal Group air pollution analyzers for Stack Emissions Testing, Continuous Emissions Monitoring, Process Gas Monitoring, and Gas Purity Monitoring applications.  At CTN, our one and only focus is to assist our customers in making the best possible decision for their analytical equipment needs.

The owner and founder of CTN Analytical, Art Nunn, draws upon his 30+ years of experience in stack testing and CEM service to ensure that only the best products are offered to our customers for their particular needs.

Having been a purchaser and user of air pollution analyzers and analytical systems for several decades, I know the difference between a sales pitch and the real world of working with analyzers in difficult and demanding field conditions. - Art Nunn, Owner, CTN Analytical

It is this tremendous depth of experience, including very positive experiences with Signal Group analyzers, that led us to partner with Signal Group, and to offer their products in the United States.

Our consumer experience also leads us to the knowledge that, no matter how good an analyzer might be, it will need service from time to time.  The best analyzer in the world is of no value if it is sitting for weeks at a time awaiting service.  As a result, at CTN Analytical, we service what we sell, and are committed to maintaining qualified personnel and parts within our facility, in order to provide rapid turn-around to service requests.  We are also happy to offer field service when needed.

Again, our focus is to help our customers make the best possible decision for their needs, and if that decision is to purchase one of our analyzers, to make sure that our customers can be confident that we will be there for service when and if needed.

Our customers are the reason for our existence.  Let us help you navigate this complex market to your very best benefit.


CTN is the USA distributor for Signal Group products; custom-manufacture of the following:

  • Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems: (CEMS)
  • Gas Sampling System Components : sample probes, controllers, etc.
  • Atmospheric Corrosion Test Systems: ASTM Mixed Flowing Gas Method

Our CEMS capabilities include:

  • Single and multipoint gas emissions monitoring Systems for NO/NO2/NOX, SO2, O2, CO, CO2, THC, HCl, etc.
  • Mobile emissions monitoring trailers and transportable enclosure CEMS.
  • Industrial source and research facilities emissions testing equipment
  • Heated total hydrocarbon emissions monitoring systems per Method 25A
  • Custom data acquisition (DAS), control and reporting per 40CFR parts 60 and 75.
  • Guaranteed performance certification and compliance with US-EPA and state agency requirements.

We offer complete source monitoring expertise:

  • CEMS applications engineering/ upgrades and installation
  • Single-source supplier of gas analyzer parts and Service support
  • Complete in-house gas analyzer repair and Calibration lab
  • Customized CEMS maintenance support agreements and customer training
  • 24-Hour CEMS emergency service / on-site Field Service is our specialty

Other services:

  • Rental Gas Analyzers supplied to your site with the right accessories.
  • Used Emissions Monitoring Equipment bought or sold on consignment.
  • Specialty gas analyzer systems for research, product testing, etc.
  • Temporary emissions and gas monitoring projects.

Please contact us for additional information.